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Solution Saddles offer a range of high performance RigidFree™ saddles developed with scientifically researched designs using state of the art systems. Solution saddles are designed to protect the horses back from pressure and trauma by using a patented shock absorbing system.


In the clinical evaluation of back-related problems, Solution saddles are useful as a diagnostic tool and can be usefully employed to eliminate the saddle as a possible source of pain. In her clinic at the Animal Health Trust, Dr. Sue Dyson, one of the world’s leading specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness in the horse, now regularly uses the Solution saddle in assessing horses with back pain.


Solution Saddles is dedicated to equine performance and welfare. The company supports the Saddle Research Trust through sponsorship and the use of saddles in scientific research projects.




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MSFC Society


Accredited by the Utrecht University School of Veterinary Science, the Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC) course is an international saddle fitting qualification.. Informed by the current and growing body of academic research, the course enables practitioners to apply the newest validated learning to saddle fitting, to improve the comfort of horses and enable a more rewarding horse-rider partnership.


MSFC Saddlers, Saddle Fitters and students are supported by the MSFC Society. Based in the UK, the society represents members from all over the world, providing mentoring schemes and active continuous development activities and resources. Also active in educating riders and horse owners about the international qualification and, more importantly, about correct saddle, girth and pad fitting.


The practise of MSFC Saddle Fitters is and will always be informed by current sound research and so the MSFC society is proud to support the Saddle Research Trust.




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