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Who are we?


The Saddle Research Trust, a charitable organisation and a member of the Small Charities Coalition, was founded in 2009 to promote the health, welfare, safety and performance of ridden horses and riders. Evidence-based information and advice help riders and owners to understand and identify when their horse is underperforming, lame or in pain. The information provided can help to keep riders safe by enabling them to identify issues before they become a problem and a potential danger.


Education helps horse owners and riders to understand that horses communicate their pain or discomfort in a way that is often misinterpreted as “naughty” or “disobedient”; this conflict behaviour can result in injury to horse, rider and to the general public.


Freely available, open access, web-based resources and e-newsletters are provided for everyone – no membership is needed.


The SRT supports the continued professional development of professional practitioners and education of equine science students. The SRT also offers scholarship opportunities for saddle fitting training.


The SRT helps to identify knowledge gaps and facilitates scientific research in an area which is widely acknowledged as difficult and expensive to carry out due to its complexity.


The SRT offers opportunities for supervision, mentoring, advice and practical assistance to student equine researchers to facilitate the improvement of the quality of equine research.


The SRT will support research in the field of horse, saddle and rider interaction. Areas of specific interest are:

  • Welfare, performance and safety issues of saddles
  • Back problems and associated behavioural issues.
  • Causes of saddle-related poor performance and wastage in sports horses.
  • Safety aspects of saddle design.
  • Saddle fitting in relation to weight fluctuation & obesity
  • Effects of saddle design on rider performance and health
  • Saddle design for disabled riders.

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