The Saddle Research Trust, a charitable organisation, has been established to scientifically and objectively lead and support research into the influence of saddles on the performance of horses and riders.


Equine back problems are often attributable to saddles, yet the design and function of saddles has been little researched.


Back and saddle issues are major factors associated with loss of performance, injury and welfare.


Through a variety of education programmes designed to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge globally, the trust aims to provide support and advice both to the horse owning public and industry professionals.


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Latest News

SRT referral scheme to help horse owners combat saddle related problems


To support the need for an independent, expert advice service, the SRT has a referral scheme to assist horse owners in reaching a definitive reason for saddle related problems.


Having been in operation for some time now, we have have added a testimonial section to the scheme webpage so that you can read stories of how the scheme has made an impact on horse owners.


The referral scheme is exclusive to SRT Members and Friends of the SRT (click here for more information on membership). The case will be assessed by the SRT and if deemed suitable, referred to the SRT Veterinary Advisor who will carry out an independent examination of the horse, saddle and rider. A written report will be provided for the owner and their associated professional practitioners (veterinary surgeon, physiotherapist, saddle fitter etc).


Click here for more details on the scheme, instructions on how to apply and to read the testimonials.

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Worshipful Company of Saddlers agrees to Chair Saddle Fitting Steering Group


The Worshipful Company of Saddlers has accepted an invitation from leading bodies across the equestrian industry to chair a steering group that will look at education, training and qualifications for Saddle Fitters.


Those invited to attend include the British Equestrian Trade Association, British Horse Society, British Equine Veterinary Association, Society of Master Saddlers, Master Saddle Fitting Consultants Society and the Saddle Research Trust.


The aim of the group will be to consider the current provision of saddle fitting education, training and qualifications, and guide a response to the needs and changes identified for the future.


Click here to view press release containing full details.

SRT 3rd International Conference and Workshop - Date Change


The SRT 3rd International Conference and Workshop has been postponed and the public conference will now be held on Saturday 2nd December 2017, with the researchers' workshop following on Sun/Mon 3/4th December 2017. Further details will be posted when available so watch this space!


Conference 2014

2014 SRT International Conference

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